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Your designated Beneficiaries, if any, will be listed on your Annual Statement.  Beneficiary Designation forms are available by contacting the Qualified Savings Plan Fund office.

 You must complete and return a new form to add or change your beneficiary designation.

·        The Fund office cannot add or change your beneficiaries by phone.

·        You must provide complete information for yourself and for all your beneficiaries on the Beneficiary Designation form, including name, social security number, birth date, address, telephone number and percent of benefits designated.

·        Submitting a new Beneficiary Designation form will invalidate all prior forms; please include all Beneficiary designations on the new form.  Only the Beneficiaries on the new form will be designated.

·        Please be sure your form is signed and dated and that all information has been completed before you submit it. 

·        If you are married, by law your spouse is your legal Primary Beneficiary - even if you have named someone else as Primary on your Beneficiary Designation form unless your spouse has agreed and signed, with notary witness, in the "Consent of Spouse" section on the Designation form. 

·        If your form is incomplete, the Designation may not be approved by the Plan and the form may be returned to you for completion.



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