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Applications for the apprenticeship program MUST BE PICKED UP :
  • In person,
  • Only during the month of January each year,
  • At the Local 841 Training Center or at any of the three Local 841 Union Halls located in Terre Haute, IN, Vincennes, IN or Oakwood, IL.
The application packet that you will receive is self-explanatory. It includes the application form, release forms, a survey and a list other documents, such as birth certificate, etc., that you will also need to gather and submit.
You will have 30 days to complete the application and return it, along with all other required documents, to the Local 841 Training Center or one of the Local 841 Union Halls.
There are several steps in the application process, including:
  • Math and language testing
  • Interview with the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee
  • Hands-on evaluation, and at some point during the process
  • Drug testing.
The applicant must be approved at each step in order to advance in the selection process. Upon completion of each step, you will be notified of your application status.
An apprenticeship with the Operating Engineers Local 841 will provide you with free career training as an operating engineer jointly funded by a labor/management training trust. This program is a great opportunity to “earn while you learn,” if you have the initiative, desire and willingness to abide by the rules.
If you are sincerely interested in becoming an Operating Engineer Apprentice, we would welcome you to apply during our application period.
Equal Opportunity Statement
Selection of apprentices under this program shall be made from qualified applicants on the basis of qualifications alone and without regard to race, creed, religion, national origin, sex or occupationally irrelevant physical requirements in accordance with objection standards which permit review, after full and fair opportunity for applicants; and this program shall be operated on a completely non-discriminatory basis.

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